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You will be working and chilling alongside individuals and machines inclined towards attaining enlightenment in work and the art of chilldom. The most important aspect of the unique work culture here is, nobody is going to be breathing on anyone’s neck about getting things done, there is complete autonomy given to individuals to thrive and prosper. These are not just words of a flowery nature, we know with experience mostly painful how talent is repressed by restrictions and the unnecessary urge to control.

Dharamshala is a place containing breathtaking beauty at every glance, come indulge in the abundance!

Graphic Designer

About the role:

We are looking towards a crazy, enthusiastic, independent and passionate designer who can work in a very automated sense and would require little to no monitoring in a work cycle.

Ex- Content Director: I need to design these creatives for  ‘xyz’ campaign.

                   Designer: Consider it done!

Rather than, I need some content to start with, oh but how would I know what the ad campaign’s motive is and stuff like that! I hope the applicant gets the picture! Nevertheless content and references will always be provided - do not worry!

These are certain prerequisites:

-A novel sense of design oriented towards global

-Minimalistic and monochromatic taste

-Expert proficiency with any of the popular image manipulation softwares

-Decent communication skills and comprehensive abilities of content on a broad range