What the hell is Content Marketing ?

What the hell is Content Marketing ?

The most boring definition in somebody’s opinion from a content marketing institute is “ …a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Yeah right, in a nutshell content marketing is developing great content and flaunting it around to the right people professionally. So it really is a strategic marketing approach which means one does not leave his content and its scheduling to randomness thinking it’s a cool and laid back way to do it.

Alright sounds cool and all but how is this content marketing thingy done?

The most favorite part of all marketers is usually an obsession with demographics, it’s about time to kill that. One must go beyond demographics and ponder upon lesser felt facts like the wants, needs, interests, questions, concerns, and pains of the potential target audience. That’s the  festival exhibition part of it but what would anybody show anybody if it’s not there. Confusing line I admit, content is the most essential part of this game as the name suggests. The content cannot be anything else apart from being valuable, relevant and consistent.

Who the hell is all this for anyway?

Definitely not the next door neighbor who is interested more in cats than a digital agency. It matters to the esteemed, defined audience. Reading or watching something should be a lasting good experience (stress on the good) more than just worthwhile. The content should address user/audience interests, needs, wants and the thirst for information in an interesting or a funny manner. Nothing against essays and research papers, but this is an entirely different ball game altogethe- this is quite an essential cliché phrase which cannot be undone.

Does all of this really matter, people just buy what they want to buy don’t they?

People (god bless them) have developed a resistance to the concept of “hard sell’. Gone are the days where people want to be just sold something they can buy, they want good content which would aid them in their purchase or help them make a well informed decision. According to many mind numbing surveys taken by http://contentmarketinginstitute.com, it is observed that 70% of consumers would like to know about a company through articles more than adverts. A Roper Survey of business decision makers found that 80% prefer to get information about a prospective purchase from articles instead of advertising.

Can’t it all be done just through SEO ?

Human wishes and dreams have no boundaries but a machine and its algorithms do and there are not so many events of accident and definitely no random acts of kindness. The SEO crawlers constantly update their algorithms to enhance and fish out good content in the search listing. Google is a smart-ass that cannot be outwitted easily. It in fact punishes claustrophobia invoking keyword stuffing in articles and at the same time rewards readability and great content. Maintaining fresh, innovative and infotainment oriented content will help maintain a grand showing on search engine results pages (SERPS). If there is some pondering going upon what ‘key word stuffing’ looks like The Moz Beginner’s guide to SEO illustrates:

“Bob’s cheap Seattle plumber is the best cheap Seattle plumber for all your plumbing needs. Contact a cheap Seattle plumber before it’s too late.”

That is so cheap.

Alright sounds really wicked, let’s make it happen...

Lets hold them horses. Every fad that has corrupted this planet from fast fashion to pop music, was a direct result of sheep flocking together and following each other into a variety of pits.

It is prudent to consider these things before going into content marketing (these things have a hint of boredom sprinkled on them):

A great plan beats everything that has not be done yet. There needs to be a complementary relationship between content marketing and other business activities like sales, promotions, PR and advertising.  Audience will have to be defined, homogeneous or a heterogeneous mixture? Is there a lovely bridge between their interests, expectations, jazz and the business’ expertise? Rocking amazing content is all about what one has to say with clear sensibility. Then the implementation and distribution need to be consistent, precise and well defined. Last but not the least one has to utilize analytics to the best possible manner to analyze if the content marketing strategy boat is sinking or floating.

Happy marketing!