Beginning from the start

The winter runs harsh while the warmth of the Rising Sun festival keeps the chill to please. Moonpeak Digital’s team member's new endeavor along with a gang of talented musicians, artists, healers and chefs brought about Krithishala. Krithishala partnered with Ghoomkad, a community space and hosted a music, dance, art and food festival in the Himalayan mountains.

Moonpeak Digital has also gone through massive revamps in terms of stack diversity expansion of our programming languages, marketing tactics and campaign resource addition, range expansion within content development, enhanced project management and talent acquisition.  
The year seems to be bright ahead with emphasis on resource and local dependency enhancement. There are various attempts by the firm within Himachal to introduce technology within the locale, our efforts are driven by planning workshops and initiating a recruitment drive aimed at the same.

The inception of our custom made products in the realm of listing and project management is a new maniacal practice within the firm’s operational dynamics and mode of functioning. Our products are aimed at ease of use and an enhanced interactive environment. The core intention behind product development within the firm is to bridge the complexity of a problem with technology. We hope to deliver and outperform each product we develop, time awaits strife and planning. Moonpeak Digital is still at large.

Vittal Acharya