18Apr 2017

What the hell is Content Marketing ?


This blog is about an interesting digital marketing fad that is exhaling profitability in this time of infotainment. It tries to dispel some per-conceived misconceptions and doubts around content marketing.

3Jan 2017

Beginning from the start

Vittal Acharya  

The winter runs harsh while the warmth of the Rising Sun festival keeps the chill to please. Moonpeak Digital’s team member's new endeavor along with a gang of talented musicians, artists, healers and chefs brought about Krithishala.

28Oct 2016

Reinventing ourself


The advent of making a new creation is optimized to the extent of superficial melodrama and realistic depth. Moonpeak Digital's website and services inclusion was a one with the same myth. The reason why delay and procrastination occur is a story that will not be told here as those entities are non-existent.