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As has been exclaimed an exhibited in the prelude of the website, a company is known by the people it keeps....


"Start from highest if required you can always come down."

The fellow is one among a million among the masses of dreamers and workers who want to do something but are constantly hounded by time and destiny. Lol! That being said, he is the origin of Moonpeak Digital and its initial inception into the market.

While priding himself in being the CEO and founder of the firm, he believes in granting autocracy to the various departments involved. He started it out as a dream to have awesome people working together but still keeping their individuality handsome thus came, Moonpeak Digital. Apart from the droning tasks of a CEO to keep people on the same page while achieving a collective dream, maintain the first link to client communication and project timeline scrutiny he ensure there is good music afloat in the supply of air and provides splendid head massage to the coders who are stuck with critical bugs.

Before dreaming as mentioned above he was working as a lead web developer with SilverStripers Colombo Asia's largest SilverStripe development firm. Thereafter he witnessed the failure and futility of starting and managing a web development firm and set on a spiritual journey of self seeking.

He enjoys trekking, facilitating meditation sessions, composing music on the guitar, laughing on bad jokes, star gazing and being an ever present helping hand.

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"Sit down dude! Chill."

Another one of those show offs trying to be cool but ending up in the street called epic fail. Lol! Some of his jokes are nice though. He is the content and creative director for Moonpeak Digital.

There are things in life worth doing and there are things worth dying for and Vittal chose not to die. He chose to chill. He is for now the content is king sympathizer within the company always looking out for something cool somebody would say and something to write about. Moonpeak Digital was this place for him set in the mountains, with intellectually cool people and a work culture that is impeccable. Apart from talent acquisition, project timeline management, content generation and patronizing design, he plays guitar and sings jazz versions of himachali songs pissing everyone off and then cracks random acts of kindness jokes to make everyone laugh and balance it out.

He was doing a lot of things before joining the firm. He was a writer with Amazon, a HR manager for a startup, community manager for a space, videographer, singer/songwriter and a teacher in english.

He likes to drink gin and tonic, gazing into emptiness and playing music until somebody wants the guitar.

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"Nothing in life worth having comes easy."

Vishal was an entrepreneur before joining moonpeak digital. He wants to explore his being and quite fortunately moonpeak is also moving on the same path.

He strives towards environment friendly activities and initiatives to balance the turmoil the rest of us are causing to mother nature. Ha! He also enjoys being the patron of a tv series “Taarak mehta ka ulta chasma”.