Our Story


Strange and surprising things happen when like minded beings decide upon seriousness to work towards a common shared purpose. MoonPeak Digital taking its name from one of the most serene and scenic peaks in Dharmashala started back in the winter of 2015 January.

The intention was a very intricately elegant simple one, it was in the words of the founder Vikas, “to be more independent and gain a balance between work and life otherwise”. The mountains had a calling for Vikas where he moved back to after Colombo, he then started MoonPeak Digital in that spirit with a couple of friends. There is always this zeal to connect people who are in their deep individual spaces and utilize their talents making it also a sustainable mode of functioning for those individuals. The coronation of the moment where ideas touch reality is an important aspect of the functioning of MoonPeak Digital’s team and its additions.

There were of course the necessary yet annoying challenges involved since the team’s personnel saw themselves switching roles in and out, roles which they did not know too much about to be polite. But perseverance, patience and purity sure do give in towards success.

The direction in which the company is headed right is quite an ambitious one considering the striving for providing end to end solutions to businesses while obviously promoting and marketing it to an array of audience. They are effectively and aggressively sourcing talent and personnel with respect to requirements and the ever expanding departments within the company. It is also seeing itself in a position to consult other businesses which are starting out in terms of function ability, operations and the likes of that.

After all the Himalayas is quite a place for coders, writers, marketing professionals and other personnel to operate in sainthood! MoonPeak Digital is still at large.

Vision and Mission

"To let lose the wrath and gentleness upon creation, preserving individual spirit and freedom"

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