Mobile App Development

The process comprises of application software being developed for mobile devices, a diversity including personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

Moonpeak Digital takes a very meticulous and diligent route towards ensuring the consideration of a plethora of screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations keeping abreast with the intense competition in mobile software and the rapid changes within each of the platforms.


There are chiefly (not limited to) 5 stages


Ideation & Inception

Mobile applications and the devices in which they run have an entirely different perspective and possibility of interacting with the web, users and computing the corporate infrastructure. This stage is dedicated to refining and polishing ideas and direction in which the application would be constructed and utilized. Few of the most popular questions considered in this phase are competitive advantage over other applications, infrastructure extension or integration, user value and the application’s working in a mobile form, ex- listing services, project management tool or a camera.


UI/UX and Design

Before reaching this stage all the features and functions of the app would have been confirmed. This brings the attention towards crafting and defining user experience. The UX is designed utilizing wireframes and mockups keeping the platform specifications and guidelines of each platform intact. The finalized UX will be introduced to User interface, where colors, graphics etc, are introduced and finalized. Our designers spend a great deal of time on UI, to deliver elegant outputs.


Application Development

This phase in fact starts out at a surprisingly early stage where our developers would develop a prototype that scrutinizes functionality, ideation etc, this helps to give an understanding of the scope of the work. This is the most resource intensive phase where the actual construction of the application starts.


Quality Analysis and Stability

This is the phase where factors like bugs, usability and performance are worked upon.
There are different stages within this

  • Prototype - THe product is in proof of concept phase.
  • Beta - The product is a code complete version.
  • Alpha - The product complies with maximum functionality decided upon.
  • Released Candidate - The product is fully functional and tested free of bugs.

As the product evolves within this lifecycle, the product is made available to test to different people, we provide tools that allow user feedback. A prototype might only be shown to key stakeholders while the final release candidate apps can be distributed to customers with early sign-ups with early access.



The app is now ready to be introduced and distributed into the market.